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Google, the giant search engine platform has made an official announcement of launching an innovative artificial intelligence-worked messenger application namely Google Allo during the company’s prestigious Google I/O 2016 event. The search engine giant has showcased the Google Allo messenger application at the on-going event of Google I/O 2016. In a bid to have communication with the customers or its users in a progressively beneficial space, the company has launched its Google Allo Messenger application to its users.

We have numerous instant messaging applications rolled by various app developers such as WhatsApp, Viber, Line, WeChat, and much more applications that let the users make a chat conversation among the friends and companions. In order to challenge its rivalries, the search engine giant, Google has rolled out its new messaging application to all its users.

Google has introduced a new killer messenger application called Allo and this application is exclusively launched for the iOS and Android operating system platforms. Alongside the launch of Google Allo messenger app, the search engine behemoth also showcased a new video calling application namely Duo that lets the users to make a face-to-face video conferencing with friends and family who are far apart in some distant location. Here is everything you need to know about the Google Allo Messenger application that lets you send instant messages and begin a chat conversation with your friends and beloved ones. Have a look!

Google Allo App download for Android and iOS mobiles



Googel Allo is an incredible messenger application rolled out by Google at a grand Google I/O 2016 event held at the nation’s capital Delhi earlier in the month of May. Google has designed this Allo messenger application with utmost security as it offers powerful end-to-end encryption to its users while chatting on this application. End-to-end encryption means that the Allo messenger application lets you chat with your friends and all the chat conversation between the dup will not be able to eavesdrop by other intruders or even the government officials.

Besides chatting and strong encryption, Google Allo messenger application also provides suggestions to the users by giving replies and instant answers at the time of conversation. For example, during your chat conversation, when your friend or some of your family members asks, “How are you?” the Allo messenger app will suggest you by displaying “I’m good!” along with an Emoji of some cute doodoo. You can now pick the suggestion provided by the Allo messenger application in order to respond to the message or simply ignore the suggestion and go ahead with your own reply.

Awesome features of Google Allo Messenger App

Here are the amazing features of the new Google Allo Messenger application for your Android and iOS platforms.

  • ‘WhisperShout’is one of the beneficial features of Allo app that lets you change the size of the chat conversation text.
  • Google assistantis another feature that provides suggestions while chatting with your friends and beloved ones.
  • You can evenlessen or expand a word in concord to the tenor used by the application user.
  • Another best feature of Google Allo Messenger application called ‘Ink’lets the users doodle over an image.
  • You can also use this amazing application in an incognito mode so that once after finishing your conversation and closing the application, all that will get erased.

Deep Insight of Google Allo Features

Take a look into the deep insight at the incredible features of Google Allo Messenger application that lets you make use of this Allo messenger application at a great ease.

  1. Google Assistant Support

Google Allo messenger application offers incredible features for its usersthat provide one of the amazing features like Google Search, Google Map, Google Translate and much more options. These are the different products launched by the search engine giant Google that are quite prevalent across the globe used by millions of users. In this Google Allo Messaging application, you can get access to YouTube Video streaming website in your chat conversation.

  1. Larger Text

The Google Allo messaging application also allows the user customizes the text simplyby sliding the send button up and down, which ultimately widens the text size likelarger or smaller.

  1. Google Allo Incognito Mode

Google has launched the Allo Messenger application and this launch is a powerful move by the search engine platform. As we all know Google provides a browser namely Google Chrome browser wherein you’ll be able to search for any kind of information on the browser. Google offers an Incognito mode which is a private browsing mode in which the search history, passwords and other cache history will not be saved or cached on your device.

Likewise the Google Incognito mode, this new Google Allo messaging app has launched out the Incognito mode feature for the users in order to ensure that the users of the device will be able to make their chat conversation quite safe and protected while using it on the Incognito mode.

  1. Instant Smart Reply

Smart Reply is unquestionably one of the amazing features of Google Allo Messenger application that lets the users get suggestions during their chat conversation.This smart reply feature provided by the Google Allo messaging application looks into your conversation and will offer you suggestions that are quite suitable for your chat conversation. This feature also aids the user give instant reply for your previous received message from your friend.

  1. Stickers and Pictures

In almost all of theinstant messenger applications, you can find funny stickers, and humorous emojis which are pretty much common. In this Allo messenger application, you can find the stickers, emoticons and much more stuff that enhances much fun to your chat conversation on this application.

Download & Install Google Allo App from Google Playstore and Itunes.

Google Allo Messenger application is be available on the Google Play Store marketplace so that the users can download and install the Google Allo Messenger application their Android mobiles. Similary the ios iphone users can get the  beta version of Allo App from Itunes.

Download Google allo

Free download Google Allo Apk file latest version

The users who cant download from Playstore have other option to instal this app. Yes, we can also download Google Allo with help of an APK file. You can download the Google allo Apk from

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